Ammonia production

Ammonia Shop No.1


The shop produces aqueous ammonia, solid carbon dioxide (dry ice), carbonic acid, oxygen gaseous technical, liquid nitrogen). The first aqueous ammonia was manufactures in November, 1968.

Ammonia Shop No. 2


The shop was put into operation in 1974 and produces synthetic ammonia.


Non-concentrated nitric acid production

Non-concentrated nitric acid shop


The shop produces non concentrated nitric acid. Two nitric acid sites with production capacity of 120 000 tonnes per year were put into operation in 1972 and six more sites started operating in the period 1974–1984.


Ammonium nitrate production

Ammonium nitrate shop


The shop produces ammonium nitrate containing 34% of nitrogen.


Calcium ammonium nitrate production

Complex mineral fertilizers shop


The complex phosphate fertilizer production was renovated. The reconstruction allowed manufacturing calcium ammonium nitrate which is a new product in Ukraine. This is the first large tonnage production in Ukraine.


Organic production

АК-1 – АК-5 shops


It consists of two main shops producing cyclohexanol, cyclohexanone and adipic acid and the shops manufacturing subsidiary materials such as sodium hydroxide as well as goods made of residual products that is purified low dicarboxylic acids.


Auxiliary shops


Steam and boiler shop

Electricity supply shop

Energy equipment repair shop

Monitor and measure equipment and automation shop

Water supply and sewerage shop

Water chemical preparation shop

Railway shop

Transport shop

Rivne industrial and household effluents neutralization and purification shop

Repair and construction shop

Repair production

Economic activities shop

Communication shop

Warehousing shop