The favorable ecological situation in the region is the result of PJSC «Rivneazot» environmental protection programs implementation

Air and water protection, production efficiency increasing and reduction of natural gas consumption are the key directions of PJSC «Rivneazot» activity. The plant realizes own ecological projects in accordance with “Responsible care of the chemical industry of Ukraine”. It is a part of common environmental policy of all OSTCHEM group’s enterprises that joined the Responsible Care Global Charter. 

Key environmental initiatives in 2011-2014 were aimed at the prevention of nitric oxide and ammonia emissions into atmosphere, ensuring of the gas-cleaning equipment efficiency and reduction of CAN dust emissions into atmosphere. Moreover, were realized a number of projects aimed at efficiency increasing of plants biochemical sewage treatment equipment, pollution prevention recycled water with ammonia, the debarment of soil and groundwater contamination as well as increasing the operational efficiency of artesian wells and improving the quality of the circulating water and effectiveness increasing  of units VCU 2/3/5/6 operation. Furthermore,  steam turbine converting steam into electricity was launched.

PJSC “Rivneazot” environment protection department realizes ecological monitoring and controls the strict observance of the legislation. Every year the department's employees develop and implement the integrate complex of the initiatives directed to the environment preservation. This plan is approved by the plant’s chief engineer and agreed with the representative of the local self-governing. Besides this joint program every shop develops and coordinates with environment protection department own environmental preservation plan.


The rational consumption of water, air and earth resources is responsibility of every employee