The history of PJSC "Rivneazot" is the history of people, science and industry

The sixties: plant foundation

The idea of the mineral fertilizers enterprise foundation in the western region of Ukraine appeared in the mid-1960s. On 31 March, 1969 the State Commission signed the operational acceptance report of ammonia and ammonia water production. It is considered to be Rivne mineral fertilizers plant’s foundation date. However, before this date the plant had already experienced a range of significant events. In 1967 after motorway and railway that connected the future plant and the city had been built ammonia water site was put into operation (currently ammonia shop-1). Moreover, the construction of new buildings at ammonia shop-2 started. Manufacturing capacity of liquid ammonia production was 103 000 tonnes per year. Along with ammonia water shop launching there was founded the technical control department. In 1968 it was the small laboratory. Over the years the raw materials and products control service has enlarged considerably. Since 1969 the new auxiliary shops of water supply and sewerage, railway, electricity and central plant laboratory started operating.

The seventies: labour achievements

The plant was developing and becoming more powerful. The production program was realized and at the same time new production shops were built. The construction of non concentrated nitric acid and ammonium nitrate shops began; they were launched in December, 1972. There was one more labour achievement: according to the activity results of 1972 the plant became profitable. Since then the plant symbol, chemical flask is the integral part of Rivne emblem.

The eighties: organic production launching

At the end of 1983 the organic production of adipic acid was put into operation.

The nineties: new сhallenges

The following years were accompanied with successful development as well as challenges and crises. Since the 1990s and up to the privatization process finalization the enterprise suffered hard times.

Period of 2000s: the new age in the enterprise' history

PJSC «Rivneazot» joined OSTCHEM Group DF in 2011. Since the new owner arrived, the enterprise got serious investments  targeted at production shops capital repairs, equipment moderniazation and helped to lead the plant out of economic crisis.