The high-quality products of PJSC «Rivneazot» are perfectly appreciated around the globe and have a number of prestigious national and international awards

PJSC «Rivneazot» has developed its own Quality Management System represented by the Centralized Department of Technical Control responsible for manufactured products quality and compliance with all the process technologies.


The quality management, standardization, certification and supervision bureau in REACH sphere develops and implements the enterprise new standards, technical terms and other documents on standardization and certification as well as revises the current ones. It also contributes to improvement of quality and competitiveness of products and service through standardization methods. The Bureau controls the enterprise’s performance regularly to provide its compliance with the science and technology level, market needs and export demand. Vladymyr Kovalenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board and the Chief Engineer leads all the production departments. The rest of the work is divided into segments headed by the managers according to the direction.


Professional specialist of PJSC «Rivneazot» realizes quality control at every stage of production process